Playtech casinos

Playtech is one of the leading developers of casino games today. The company has its headquarters on Isle of Man and they have over 5000 employees that constantly work to create new and exciting slots and other casino games for online casinos. You will find many casinos that use the Playtech software and when we take a closer look at the games they have created we are sure you will recognize one or more of them.

The company history

Playtech was founded as early as in 1999 and thus made it into the casino production business early. The company was formed in Estonia by Teddy Sagi together with partners from the casino world, software development and multimedia industry. According to the company itself it provided the software when a real life casino for the first time made the transition on to the web. The company landed their first license in 2001. In 2006 the company expanded to Bulgaria and during the next few years they would establish themselves on the sports betting market in Italy, Spain, Estonia and Serbia.

Playtech is now well known and their games can be found at several online casinos across the world. In 2016 the company made a profit of 194 million Euro. Their casino games are sought after and the future is looking very bright.

What types of games have Playtech created?

Playtech have supplied casino with games like video poker, slots, roulette and Black Jack. Their slots are well made, detailed and often offer interesting and potentially lucrative functions. One of the their most popular slots is Plenty O’ Fortune and it is made up of five wheels and 20 paylines. The graphics are superb like we’ve come to expect from Playtech software. The slot is equipped with features such as wilds, free spins and multipliers. The theme is centered around the myth about the little, green Irish gnome and his pot of gold. In this slot you will also have the chance to experience one of Playtech’s creative bonus games.

Another popular slot is Daredevil. The slot consists of five wheels and 20 paylines to bet on. Among the features there are wilds, free spins and multipliers. What attracts most players to the game however is its progressive jackpot. Daredevil is one of several slots with a Marvel theme. There are also slots like Thor, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. As if that wasn’t enough, Playtech have also developed slots with themes from Marvel’s competitor DC. Slots like Superman and Batman. As you can tell the company have chosen to produce a lot of games based on well known themes. More slots in that category are King Kong, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Avengers and Blade.

They have also created a few lots with themes they have invented themselves such as The Jazz Club, Cat in Vegas and Lucky Panda. They have also chosen to create slots that have themes that combine slots with other games such as football thru Top Trumps Football Legends and Football Rules.

Where can I find games from Playtech?

Do you want to try one of these amazing slots or Playtech’s type of roulette or baccarat? Then all you need to do is to find a casino that uses Playtech’s software, like for example YoYo casino. Considering Playtech is so popular it won’t be hard to find such a casino. You can always accept a bonus offer when you register.

You can also try Playtech games without having to risk your money. There are several ways to go about this. First you can visit a casino that will let you register a free account where you will be given play money that you can use to try every game in the casino. Remember that there are some limitations to this. You can, for example, not try games with a live dealer if you are playing with a free account although this might differ between casinos.

Another way to try the games free is by visiting one of the many affiliate sites that you can find online today. These sites promote a specific casino, developer or game and they often provide a review and information about the games. That way you can learn more about each and every one of them. On these sites you can usually also try the games for free. Some sites will let you try them for a certain amount of play money, others for a certain amount of time, usually between 5 and 10 minutes per game. In some cases you can get more time or more play money by simply refreshing the website.

When you are feeling ready to play for real you only have to register at a casino and make a deposit at which point you can make use of a generous bonus offer.

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