Online slots

The very first slot was invented in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn, New York. The slot consisted of pictures of playing cards and five spinning wheels where the goal was to get the best possible poker hand. The evolution in slots took a major leap in 1963 with the slot Money Honey that was the very first electronic slot created. In later years the evolution has spun even faster with casinos going online and slots made as software which allowed for a whole new level of creativity to be applied to their creation.

Different types of video poker

The types of slots that most resembles the very first one are the video poker slots. The goal in the game is to bet the best possible poker hand. The better the hand the higher the payout. There are different types of video poker and the types not only differ in design but also in game play. Some games use jokers who then act like wilds to help you get a better hand. Most video games start paying out wins starting with a pair of jacks though some video poker games start the payout at a pair of tens. Other differences are for example the level of bets. Everyone can find a video poker slot that suits them.

Slots take you on an adventure

A close look at the slots of today tells us that we have come very far since the first ever slot. The slots we see today consist of several wheels, several paylines and a lot of features and bonus games that were previously impossible to add to a slot. The game developers are getting more and more creative with their themes. You can find slots based on classic books like Jekyll and Hyde, some based on famous movies like Ace Ventura, Ghostbusters and the Platoon. There are even slots with themes from series like South Park. When it come to themes there is something for everyone.

When we examine the features of slots of today we notice that the developers are getting more creative here as well. The early slots had the simpler features like wilds and free spins. Modern slots are usually filled with new and exciting features. Take wilds for example. The game creators have evolved the simple wild function to include features such as expanding wild, cascading wilds and sticky wilds. Free spins have also been given a make-over and today they often come with multipliers and special symbols that only show up during the free spins round. As this wasn’t enough there are also brand new features that have never before been seen and bonus games that are a kind of mini game within the slot game. The most common bonus game is a pick and choose where you will be given several symbols to choose between. Behind the symbols there are winnings to cash in like free spins, multipliers and cash wins.

Other bonus games have taken it a step further and integrated the theme with the bonus games and bonus features. South Park is one of those slots where every bonus feature is centered around the theme. Every character has its own bonus feature or bonus game. This is something we are seeing more and more of in online slots and since they are very popular we are sure to see new and exciting themes and games coming in the near future.

Last, but not least, there is the whole winning and chances of winning. Every slot has an RTP that usually ranges between 94% and 97%. How much you can win differs between slots. Some slots have a high jackpot reaching as much as over a million coins. Others have jackpots of as little as a couple of thousand coins. Then there is progressive jackpots that can reach amazing amounts of money in wins. Some progressive slots are tied to the casino where you can play it, some are tied to the slot itself. The latter leads to the biggest jackpots. With these progressive slots it is the jackpot that attract people so they usually don’t include a lot of features or bonus games.

Try different slots

If you are curious about the modern type slots or if you want to learn more about the slots functions and features you can try them for free. That can be done in one of two ways; you can register for a free account at a casino where you will be given an amount of play money that can be used to try every slot in the casino. The second way is to visit an affiliate site that promote a casino, a developer or a game. These sites will let you try the games for free and they also give you a small review and some information about the game.

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