NetEnt casinos

The game developer NetEnt was founded in 1996 under the name Net Entertainment by a Swedish man named Pontus Lindwall. The roots of the company lie in real life casinos thru the Cherry companies. NetEnt became one of the first developers to join in when a whole new market was created thru online casinos in the mid 1990’s. Netents first online casino was launched in the year 2000. Some important landmarks in the company’s history include the launching of Netents Casino TM in 2002 and in 2003 the company started to make a profit. In 2005 NetEnt was granted a license in Malta and in 2011 they launched their first mobile game.

Successful slots

Over the years NetEnt has developed a vas variety of slots with different themes and functions. Several of these slots have become player favorites. One example of the company’s creativity is the slot Beach which you can find at YoYo casino. Beach is a slot with a theme that, as the name suggests, is about life on a beach. The background is a sandy beach and among the symbols you will see shells, clams and sea urchins. The interesting thing about this game is that when you press spin there will be no spinning wheels. Instead a wave will come in and bring with it the symbols in rows of five.

Another popular game from NetEnt is Tornado Farm Escape. This slot machine takes you to a farm filled with tired animals working hard all day, a tornado will be their rescue. The game will start with an animation where you get to see the evil farmer pushing the poor animals too hard when suddenly a tornado swoops in and carries the animals away. This slot has been equipped with the unique tornado function that can be triggered by two symbols. One symbolizing hot air, the other cold air. It is functions like those that contribute to Netents popularity and is also what keeps them at the top. They think outside the box and they dare to create new and crazy themes that entertain players worldwide.

Back to the basics

An interesting fact is that one of the most popular slots from NetEnt is that it is minimalistic game. That means that the slot is not full of new and exciting features and the slot doesn’t have an en innovative theme. We are talking about the slot Starburst. The theme of the slot is simple and the background is all in one color decorated with a few glimmering stars. The symbols are jewels in different colors. The only special feature this slot has is a wild function called Starburst wilds. Even though this slot is so minimalistic it has, since its release in 2012, been one of the most popular slots in the casinos that offer it.

Starbursts popularity shows that we are still amused by the simpler slots even when they donät offer gigantic progressive jackpots. Maybe that is not all that unexpected seeing that the basic concept has survived for so long. Other developers have come to notice this fact as well and most of them now have at least one minimalistic slot in their portfolios. It does however seem that Netents Starburst is still the slot that players prefer most.

Netents future

In 2014 Netents cashiers system handles over 21,4 billions in transactions, a number that seems to be on the rise. Today the company has over 1000 employees across the world, they have their headquarters in Stockholm and has developed over 200 different games you can enjoy. Because NEtEnt has had such success they also are in demand. This has resulted that they, as of when this post is written, can be found at over 170 different online casinos.

To stay on top the company has to work extra hard. They are aiming for an environment that promotes cooperation between employees and different parts of the company. The company are aiming for innovative technological solutions. They are trying to create an atmosphere where creativity is fun and playful. NetEnt also work hard for diversity something that reflects in the fact that they have employees with over 47 different ethnicities, they also try to even out the gender. As of now they have 38% female employees and 62% male employees.

Try NetEnts casino games

If you are curious about the games that NetEnt have created for casinos online or if you want to learn more about their game features you can visit the company’s own website. There you will find all of their games and you can also try those games for free. That will give you the chance to get acquainted with the NetEnt style, the themes and all the different functions the company have developed.

You can also find these games at affiliate sites where you can also try them at no cost. If you discover that NetEnt have one or more games that you like and want to try or play for real money you can visit one of Netents casinos. Once you have made a deposit you can start playing.

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