Mobile casinos

It is now over twenty years since casinos made their entrance on the web. Since then the evolution has moved very quickly on several levels. Casinos have moved forward regarding design, graphics and function. The hardware has become even more advanced. Not long ago a computer was the size of a room to be able to handle more than one task. The components has since then shrunk and today they can fit in an android phone and still be powerful enough to handle programs and casino games.

The first mobile casino

The first time a game was ever integrated in a mobile phone was back in 1997. The game was the incredibly popular Snake from Nokia. Since the game was so popular it was installed on several other models following the first. At that time it wa not possible to download or install games yourself on the mobile phone. That would be made possible by the WAP service WAP was the first service to make it possible for consumers to connect their phones to the internet and the technology was standard in the early 2000’s. The most popular downloads then was wallpapers and ringtones. Soon games like Bejeweled would be released to mobile phones and around the same time the first casino games made their entrance. Back then you could not gamble on them with real money. WAP was a very slow service, luckily java came along in 2001. Java could do something that WAP could not – it could handle fast action games. The first casino game in java was Pub Fruity and the game was developed by the company IOMO. During this time there were very few casinos online that accepted gambling for money which kind of took something away from the whole casino experience.

The turn came when Apple released the iPhone in 2007. Appstore was available from the following year and it changed everything. Suddenly developers could sell their apps directly to the customers and did not have to go thru the mobile companies anymore. The same year Google entered the stage with the android phone and android market (today playstore). It would not take long for the first mobile casino to show up and they allowed gambling for money. The software and hardware continued to evolve and so did the internet connection and the quality of the games you could download. Today there are countless games available at playstore and appstore and many online casinos now offer their own apps for players to download.

How and where can I play a mobile casino?

As we mentioned earlier you can now find software for several mobile casinos via appstore and/or playstore. The online casinos that offer players their casino thru apps usually have a link to the download on their webpage. To make sure the mobile casinos don’t take up too much space on your phone (there is still a limited amount of room on a mobile phone today) most casinos lets you download only the games you want to play. That way the app stays within a reasonable size. You can make deposits and withdraws at most mobile casinos today and usually you can make them the same way you make them at the online casino, using the same type of methods.

There are free casinos to download as apps too. This gives you a chance to try different slots to see how they work, how their functions and bonus games work. You can also learn the rules in games like baccarat and roulette or why not practice some Texas Hold’em.

Casino only for the mobile?

Are there casinos that are exclusive to mobile phones? Yes. It is a new phenomenon that is growing in popularity. We are talking about casinos that are only active on the mobile market and not on the internet as a whole. These casinos often have a webpage with some information and a link to their app so that you can download it. What you can’t do is register or play on their site. Maybe more of these casinos will continue to show up, maybe the big online casinos will wipe them out. That is something that only time will tell. While we wait for what the future has to offer we can download the app for our favorite casinos and try playing them on our mobiles or iPads. All you need is an internet connection and the hardware that is capable of handling the app you want to try. This way you can play whenever and wherever you want . If you use an iPad you will get the benefit of a bigger screen which you might prefer if you are having trouble seeing the details on a small mobile phone screen. No matter what platform you chose the gaming experience will be thrilling and exciting.

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