You might be wondering what an I-Slot actually is. I-Slot stands for interactive slot. This is a type of slots that have started to pop up recently and is gaining popularity quickly amongst casino players around the world. You will find this type of slot in several online casinos and everything points to them expanding even more in the future.

What qualifies a slot to be an I-Slot?

So what is the difference between an I-Slot and the regular slots we see in casinos? A simple answer is – it’s interactive. The basics in an I-Slot is the same as in other slots. The game usually consist of five wheels and fifteen paylines to bet on. The first big difference between the I-Slot and the regular slot is the fact that the game has an interactive storyline. This storyline is connected to the theme of the slot. The other main difference is the mini games that appear during the bonus rounds of an i-Slot. These mini games are what makes these slots more profitable than other slots since they are not based on luck alone. These are skill games consisting of for example clicking buttons in certain orders or to keep your mouse steady. To win the jackpot you need a lot of luck but with these skill based mini games the slot is still profitable.

The history behind i-Slots

This type of slot was released by the company Rival gaming that was founded in 2006 and that, today has over 200 different online games under their belt. The company’s popularity has increased a lot since they released the i-Slot. Rival gaming is based in Turku, Finland and are a small group of employees. Today they have games at over 40 casinos worldwide. Aside from creating games the company also work with affiliate marketing and consulting assignments Rival gaming offers casinos custom made games. This means that the game is created for that casino only and can’t be found at other casinos. Among their popular traditional slots you will find games such as One Million Reels BC and Major Moolah – both progressive slots. The company has also developed classic games such as roulette, Black Jack and Jacks or Better.

How do i-Slots work and where can I play them?

As mentioned earlier the basics in this slot is the same as in other slots with a standard of five wheels and 15 paylines. The twist is the mini games that require skill, not luck. One of these slots is Cosmic Quest 2. That i-Slot will provide you with 20 paylines to bet on over five wheels and it has a science fiction type theme. The game starts with an animation where you appear to look out the window of a spaceship as you fly past planets. The symbols of the game are true to the theme and consist of a spaceship, robots and planets among other things. The basic play offer expanding wilds and a jackpot of 500x the bet. The mini game you can play in Cosmic Quest 2 is a game where you are going to fly a spaceship using your keyboard. You need to fly the ship thru a cave and to a landing dock. If you crash you will get a small win but if you manage to reach the dock you will be granted the big win.

Another example of an i-Slot is the game As the reel turns. This game has fem wheels and 15 paylines. The theme of the game is a soap opera and you play with the help of symbols of the characters in the soap opera. The basic game offers free spins and multipliers. You will find several mini games in this slot. In one of them you need to determine if a chip is real or fake. One of the other mini games is to entertain the audience. You will do this by choosing one of four scenes for one of the characters to act out. If the audience likes the scene you will get the big win.

So, where can you play these i-Slots? Rival gaming is almost the only developer to offer these games so to be sure you can find a slot like this you need to find a casino that uses their software and the i-Slot. The casinos that do use Rival Gaming software usually also offer the i-Slot since it attracts a lot of new and returning players. If you want to try one of these slots without betting your money you can do that via an affiliate site. Those sites are promoting a developer, a casino or a specific game and offers reviews and information as well as the opportunity to try the games for free. Seeing how popular these slots are there will most likely be more of them in the future.

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