French Roulette

There are many theories as to where roulette was born but most seem to agree that it has a French origin. The word itself is French and translates to ”little wheel”. The most popular theory about roulettes birth says that it was invented by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal back in 1657. Today roulette is a game that we all expect to find at a casino no matter if it is a land based casino or an online casino. It is a classic casino game that still attracts people from all over the world.

Roulette is introduced to the casino world

The roulette wheel that is still used in French roulette today was first created by the brothers Louis and Francois Blanc during the 1800’s. Around that time the game had to migrate to Germany as it was in contest with French laws. Francois Blanc went on to create the first casino in Monte Carlo and he installed his roulette wheel there. The game would soon reach the US where the casinos chose to raise the house edge by adding a double zero to the wheel.

Roulette quickly won the hearts of casino players and in many movies, series and books we can read about characters trying their luck at the roulette tables. This classic game seems to last thru generations and today it has moved into the internet via online casinos where it’s popularity is steadily growing.

The rules of French Roulette

French and European roulette är one and the same. The playfield looks exactly the same and the rules are the same. The game starts by players placing their bets on the chosen fields and the croupier will start spinning the wheel. You can keep placing bets until the croupier announces no more bets allowed. When the ball lands on a number the winner will be called and the table cleared of all chips. The winner will get their winnings directly. Every player has chips in a unique color so to not confuse the bets and players.

If you are playing roulette in a real life casino there is a rule that is not relevant at an online casino. The rule states that if anything affects the wheel or the ball during the game the game has to be stopped and it has to start over.

This is how you play French Roulette

The playfield consists of several different fields where you can place your bets. You will see the numbers 1 to 36 in red and black. Around the numbers you will find fields containing the zero, three fields for column bets, three fields for bets on groups of 12 numbers. You will also find field for 50/50 bets which are red/black, odd/even and high/low. You can choose to place your bet on a number, a field or on a line between two numbers.

When it comes to bets in roulette there are two different groups of bets. The first group is called outside bet and consist of the following bets:

  • 1-18 is a bet on low.
  • 19-36 is a bet on high.
  • Black or red.
  • Odd or even.
  • Dozens is a bet on the numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.
  • Column is just what it sounds like – a bet on one of the three columns each containing 12 numbers.
  • Snake is a bet on the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34. When you place your bet on those numbers the chips will form the shape of an s resembling a snake, hence the name.

The second group of bets are called inside bets and consists of the following:

  • Straight up is a bet on one single number.
  • Split is when you place your chips on the line between two numbers thus splitting your bet between the two.
  • Street is a horizontal bet on three numbers next to each other.
  • Square, or corner, is a bet on four numbers that together form the shape of a square.
  • Double street, or six line, is when you bet on two streets next to each other.
  • Trio is placing your bets on 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3.
  • First four, or basket, is a bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Playing roulette on an online casino

Playing roulette has never been easier. Today the game is available to anyone who has an internet connection and a computer, iPad or a mobile phone. You will find roulette at almost every casino and, just as at YoYo casino, you will find it in the live casino. There you can play the game together with other roulette lovers as you all try to beat the odds. You can create your own strategies for betting or use one of the existing systems. No matter what method you chose you will find hours of excitement and joy from this little French wheel.

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