Card games

Where would a casino be if not for the card games? We expect to see card games in a casino and the connection between betting money and playing a card game is strong. Maybe this is the result of watching movies, reading books or following series where the characters often visit casinos and saloons for a game of poker. When the online casinos were launched a whole new world opened up to players worldwide. Before they existed many people were unable to visit a casino either because their country did not offer one or because the casinos that existed were too far away. To play a casino game today you only need an internet connection and an iPad, a computer or a mobile phone.

Many popular card games

Theories say that card games first were invented i China and they came to Europe during the 1300’s. Thru the centuries the deck and different card games have evolved and been created. Some games have been lost along the way where others have bloomed. When it comes to card games at casinos there are several popular types to choose from.

Black Jack

This is a card game that is believed to have been created during the 1600’s and it has existed in many different versions. For example, one version was played in Spain where the goal was to reach the sum of 31 with a starting hand of three cards. Black Jack is usually found in the live casinos where you can try out different versions of the game. Usually the game starts with placing a bet at which point the cards are dealt. The player can then choose to hit, stay, split or double up. Usually different tables will have different limits for betting. This way you can always find a table that matches your bankroll.


This is one of card games that have branched out in most variations. At casinos online you can usually find games such as Texas Hold’em, Caribbean stud, five card poker and three card poker. Texas Hold’em is a type of poker that has grown in popularity over the past decade due to events being broadcasted on TV and several casinos hosting big events. In Hold’em you don’t play against a dealer, instead the players face off against each other. All players are given two cards each, cards that should then be used to achieve as good a poker hand as possible by combining them with the five cards that will be put face up on the table. As the games moves forward bets, raises and calls are made In the end the best poker hand takes the pot.

In Caribbean stud you are playing against the dealer and this is not really a poker game but is still sorted in under the term. The dealer and the player are given cards and the two hands then compete against each other. The best hand is the winner.

Five- and three card poker is exactly what the name says; a game of poker played with five or with three cards. In five card poker you can exchange cards along the way. Bets are made during the gameplay and in the end the best poker hand wins the pot.


This game has an aura of luxury and can give the impression of being very complicated. In Baccarat every hand must contain at least two cards and no more than three cards. All cards are dealt face up. In this game the jacks, queens and queens have a value of 0. Ace has the value of 1 and the rest of the cards has the value of the card. If the hand adds up to a two number sum, for example 17, only the last digit counts. In that case the 7. The goal in the game is to come as close to 9 as possible. What attracts people to this game is the challenge and excitement.

Play card games at casino online

You can find several card games at online casinos like YoYo casino. You will be able to try classic games like Baccarat and Poker but also try out a number of new versions of card games. Many developers have created their own versions of poker for instance, something that seems to be popular among players. If you feel unsure of how the card games are played you can try them for free by registering for a free account at a casino.

Another option for trying card games is to visit the developer’s homepage where you can find all their games and usually try them for free. You could also visit one of the many affiliate sites on the internet where a game, a developer or a casino is promoted. This sites usually also offer reviews and information about every game and they give you chance to try the game for free.

No one knows what the future holds for card games. As software is evolving and creativity drives the developers forward, pushing them to try new things, we might see a whole new generation of card games entering the market.

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