Blackjack Switch

Switch is a type of Blackjack that was first created in 2009. The biggest difference between regular Blackjack and Switch is that you, in Switch, play the game with two hands instead of one and you can switch cards between the hands. There are many different types of Blackjack today not online at online casinos but also at land based ones. Some types are only played in a few specific countries as of now but as the world grows smaller with the help of the internet we might get to see more and more of those games online.

The game Switch

As we mentioned, one of the biggest differences between regular Blackjack and Switch is the fact that you play Switch with two hands instead of one. The other big difference is the option to switch cards between the two hands. The bet placed on each hand must be equal in size and it is the second card dealt to each hand that is the card you are allowed to switch. To even the odds a bit the hands where the dealer goes bust and your hand is below 21 counts as a push and you will be given your bet back. If both you and the dealer hit 21 the win goes to the dealer. A Blackjack win will pay 1:1 unlike traditional Blackjack where it pays 2:1. Despite of these modified rules the game is still profitable for the player because of the option to switch the cards between the two playing hands.

Some rules are identical to the rules in a game of classic Blackjack. For example, in Switch you are also given the choice to hit, stay, double and split. You are allowed to split to up to four hands. The basics are thus the same as in the classic Blackjack game.

A bit of history

The classic game of Blackjack has it’s roots in a French game simply called 21. This game appeared in the 1700’s and had it’s own roots in a Spanish game from the 1600’s called 31. The form of Blackjack that we play today was formed in the US during the 1930’s and it is also where it got it’s name. To attract players to the game the casinos developed a special win feature. This special win was achieved by hitting 21 with the help of a Blackjack and the ace of spades. Even if this special win quickly was removed the name stuck and to this day we use the word Black Jack.

Switch was invented by the famous card counter Geoff Hall. He got the idea when he was frustrated over the fact that he had been dealt two weak hands, both of which would improve remarkably if he was allowed to switch cards between the two. He worked on this idea and in October of 2000 he presented the game at a G2E conference in Las Vegas. The first casino to offer Switch was Harvey’s casino in Iowa where it was introduced in February of 2001. In 2003 Hall modified the rules and as a result of the modification the casino Four Queens decided to offer the game. Since then it has grown bigger and can now be played at several real life casinos worldwide.

Where can I play this intriguing game?

Maybe this article has peaked your interest and you want to try out Blackjack Switch? As mentioned the game can be found at several real live casinos around the world. It has yet to be properly introduced to the online market though. As we write this there is only one game developer that has the game in it’s portfolio. That developer is Playtech. This means that to be able to try the game out you need to find a casino that uses Playtech software and specifically Blackjack Switch. You might possibly also be able to find the game on affiliate sites that promote this specific game or that promote Playtech software in general. These sites usually offers a review and description along with the chance to try the game for free. Playing it for free can give you a sense of how it works and make you ready to play it with real money bets.

There is a lot pointing to this game, just like many other not so well known games, will appear in the portfolio of several game developers over time. In that case it will also be easier to find a casino that offers Switch online. Since online casino gaming has gotten so popular amongst players the casino owners are always looking for new games and ways to entertain their customers. It is therefore likely that this game will get a bigger spread. It is also possible that we will see new and even more entertaining types of Blackjack being developed in the future.

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