Blackjack Surrender

Black Jack is a classic casino game and today it can be found in almost every casino no matter if it is a casinos. The game has been very popular in the US and when started to appear on the internet the game has reached popularity in other countries as well. The goal of the game is to reach the sum of 21 with the help of playing cards. The highest win is awarded to the hand that reaches 21 with the help of an ace and a ten, jack, queen or king.

Black Jack thru time

The game is said to have it’s roots in France but there are writings from the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes where he describes a game called 31. The goal of that game is to reach the sum of 31 with a starting hand of three cards.

There is, however, proof of a game more similar to today’s Blackjack and it stems from France during the 1700’s. That game was named vingt-en-un which means 21. Just like in the Black Jack we know today, the goal was to reach the sum of 21. The modern version of Blackjack first appeared in the US in the 1930’s. The American casinos wanted to attract players to the game and chose to offer a special win option. To get this special win, players had to reach 21 with the help of a black jack and the ace of spades. The special win was later removed but the name Black Jack stuck with the game and that is what we still know it as.

The rules and the choice to surrender

The rules of Blackjack are quite easy to understand. Your goal is to reach 21 by adding the value of the cards dealt to you. To start the game you need to place a bet after which both you and the dealer receive two cards each. Your cards will be facing up while one of the dealer’s cards will be facing down. When the cards have been dealt it is time to make a choice. You can chose to hit, stay, split, double or to surrender. We will take a closer look at that last choice.

Surrender is an option that can’t be found at every Blackjack table. The rules vary depending on which table you are playing and what version of Black Jack the table offers. When you have the choice to surrender you need to decide if your hand is good enough to keep playing or not. If you decide that it is not good enough or too hard to play you can surrender. The dealer will then pay you back half of your bet which means you only lose half as much as you would have if you had played the hand and lost.

Some forms of Blackjack offer two types of surrender. The one we just described is called an early surrender. There is also a late surrender and it is a quite unusual form of surrender not used at many tables. With a late surrender you are not allowed to surrender if the dealer hits 21 however if you have chosen to double and you feel that your hand is not good enough to win you can chose to surrender to minimize your loss. Another twist to a late surrender is that if the dealer’s face up card is a ten, jack, queen, king or an ace the dealer is allowed to take a peek at the face down card and if the hand is not a Blackjack the surrender option will become available.

Where can I play Black Jack?

You will find Blackjack at almost every land based casino in the world. Maybe you have already tried your luck at such a table? Today you can also find it at most online casinos, like at YoYo casino. Online casinos usually offer more than one version of the game and there is also the option to choose between different tables who offer different values of minimal and max bets. If you want to try Blackjack for free you can visit a game developer’s home page. There you will find all the games they have created and you will also have a chance to try the games for free. Another option is to visit an online casino that allows you to create a free account with is then loaded with play money that you can use to try all the games at the casino. If none of these are of interest you can chose to visit an affiliate site where a certain casino, game or developer is marketed. On these sites you can often find reviews and also try the games without cost.

Black Jack might seem like a simple game but it does require some level of thought. You have to be able to read the dealer’s cards as well as your own to be able to make the right choice. The game is however mainly a game of chance but you can lower the risk of losing by, for example, giving up at the right time or choosing to stay even though your hand isn’t all that high.

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