Black Jack

This fast paced card game is one of the big favorites among casino visitors worldwide. Because of this it also became a very popular game at the online casinos and almost all of them have one or several types of the game among their casino games. The biggest game developers have all designed and created their own version of the game’s design and game play.

The history of Blackjack

As with most classic casino games it has proven difficult to determine exactly where the first type of Blackjack was played. There are many theories as to where and when the game was created. One thing most agree on is that the game must have it’s origins in France. In the 1700’s there was a French game called Vingt-et-un which translates to 21. Many believe that game was developed from the French card games Chemin de Fer and French Ferme, two very popular games at the time. There was a version of the game that was played in Spain during the 1600’s which was called 31. The goal in that game was to reach the sum of 31 with a starting hand of three cards.

One very popular theory is that the first game of 21 was actually played by the Romans and involved wooden blocks. The theory is supported by the fact that Romans loved to play games for money.

The French version of the game grew gradually and spread to the US via French colonizers and the game was soon played all over North America. At that time the game was a little different from the version we play today. For example, the dealer was the online one allowed to double and between every round of card dealt there was a betting round. When Nevada became the first state to legalise gambling in 1931 the game was still called 21. To attract more players to the table several casinos chose to offer a special win. This special win was obtained by hitting 21 with the help of a black hack and the ace of spades. This special win was later removed but the word Black Jack stuck and is to this day the name of the game.

Rules and gameplay

How is Blackjack played? As with every game there are rules to follow. The basics states that the game has to have one dealer and at least one player betting to be able to start. If you are playing at a real life casino the deck will consist of between one and eight decks mixed together. No matter what kind of casino you are visiting the game always starts with placing a bet. How big the bet is is up to the player. How big or small the bet can be varies between tables.

When the bet is placed the cards will be dealt. The player gets the first card and then the dealer. This card is turned face up. The next round the dealer and the player will again be given a card each but the dealer’s card will be placed face down. In some types of Blackjack the dealer is allowed to take a peek at their face down card.

When the card have been dealt the ball is in your court and you need to make a decision. There is always at least two choices – to hit or to stay. If you have two cards of equal value you can choose to split the hand into two hands. This means that you will then play two hands against the dealer’s hand. If you feel your hand is likely to, with the next card, hit 21 or reach a sum where you feel confident to win you can choose to double up. This means that your bet is doubled on that the last card will guarantee you the win.

At most casinos you will have the option to take out an insurance in the case that the dealer has a face up card that is a ten, jack,queen, king or ace. The insurance lets you get some of your initial bet back if the dealer hits 21. The payout on the insurance is 2:1.

Play Blackjack at casino online

You will find Blackjack at most online casinos today, for example at YoYo casino. You will also notice that many casinos have more than one version of the game available. These games are usually found in the live part of the casino. If you would like to try out Blackjack for free there are casinos that will let you create an free account where you will be given a sum of play money to be used to try all of the casinos games. You can also find the game on several game developers homepages and several affiliate sites.

If you decide to try Black Jack by betting money you can accept a bonus offer to give your bankroll an extra boost. That will allow you to play longer, bet higher or play more than you would have been able to without the bonus.

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