Black Jack Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a type of Blackjack that premiered at a casino in Nevada back in 1995. The story goes that an employee at the casino wanted to spice up the game of Blackjack to make it more interesting and fun for the players. He found the version of Spanish 21 and decided to use it. Clearly it was a popular move since you now can find the game at casinos all over the world. Masque Publishing Inc. in Colorado is the owner of the game.

Rules of the game

Spanish 21 is quite different from the classic game of Blackjack. The basics are the same though. Your goal is to reach 21 with the help of playing cards. Just like in classic Black Jack you play this game against a dealer. The first big difference between the two games is the number of card you use to play. Blackjack is played with a full deck of 52 cards, in Spanish 21 you play with a deck of 48 cards as the tens are removed from the deck. Another difference is that in Spanish 21 you win automatically if your hand reaches 21 no matter what the dealer’s hand looks like.

Just like in Blackjack you can chose to stay, hit, split and double. If you chose to double you have the option to surrender if your hand does not end up good enough. Half of your bet will then be repaid. This means you only lose your initial bet, you get to keep the bet you made when you chose to double.

Another difference regards the winnings. Since you always win when you hit 21 the game has to be balanced out in some way. The winnings is where the balance is made. If you reach 21 with the help of five cards you will be paid 3:2. If you reach 21 with six cards the win is 2:1 and if you need seven cards to reach 21 the win is 3:1.

Spanish 21 – the pros and cons

One of the pros with playing Spanish 21 is that you are allowed to make some moves that can give you a great advantage in the game provided you make them at the right time. The game is not as strict as Black Jack. The biggest pro is of course that you always win with a hand reaching 21, unlike Blackjack where your 21 hand will be beaten if the dealer also reaches 21.

One of the downsides of Spanish 21 is that all the tens are removed from the deck which makes it harder to hit 21. For card counters the fact that this game is usually played with six to eight decks is a big disadvantage. It is very hard to keep track of which cards are left in the deck and which have been played. For people who are beginners to the game it will take some practice before they are able to develop a strategy that works with a game that has no tens.

Where can I play Spanish 21?

Almost every online casino today, including YoYo casino, offer at least one type or variation of Blackjack. This is most often located in the live part of the casino and the design may vary between different casinos. Finding an online game of Spanish 21 today may prove difficult depending on where you live. In most countries it hasn’t yet been developed for online gaming.

If you want to try the game you can for example find a casino that has Spanish 21 and that offers the choice to create a free account. This account will then be credited with play money that can be used to try every game the casino offers. It is also possible to visit the game developers home page where they usually display their games and also offer the chance to try them out for free. There is a third option as well. You can visit one of the many affiliate sites that promote a casino a game or a developer. On those sites the game is usually free to play and sometimes you can find a review of the chosen game. This can give you an overview of the game and it’s features.

A popular game

In the US, where the game first earned recognition, Spanish 21 is almost at popular as the classic game of Blackjack. As the growing market of online casinos worldwide starts to search for new and exciting games it is quite possible that they will chose to offer Spanish 21 to all countries. Since the technology is evolving quickly we might be seeing more advanced games in the future as well as better graphics and game play. The future’s looking bright for casinos, for game developers and for the ones who love to play casino games.

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