Amusement with prize

Amusement with prize (AWP) include slots that players in some way can interact with though they are not classified as skill based machines (SWP – skill with prize). Both of these concept are market language and the slots are not referred to as AWP or SWP by the public. These terms are mostly used in the UK.

The history about AWP and how it works

The AWP slots came from the UK and they replaced the earlier classic fruit machines. Most of us have probably seen a classic slot like that, one with three wheels and one payline. They usually include minor functions such as nudge and hold. With the AWP slots the functions have evolved and a prize game has been added. The game basis is the same with three wheels, one payline and the functions hold and nudge. Above some symbols are the numbers 1 to five or a smaller symbol. These special symbols activate the new bonus features. If a number comes up you need to collect 7 or 8 points and if the slot has the minor symbols you need to match three of them anywhere on the wheels. This will start the bonus feature.

In these bonus games you have several options. The first one is high/low where you are given a number between 1 and 12. You are then to guess if the next number will be higher or lower than your given number. If you guessed correctly you will move up one step in the payout table. If you guess wrong the bonus game is over. You can, at any time, stop and collect your winnings. With that said, the higher you climb on the paytable the better the payout. In some situations the player can choose the type of bonus the receive (money, nudge or some other bonus).

Another bonus feature provides you with a field of squares that each represent a bonus game. When you press the spin button you will move over the squares then number of steps that your spin revealed and you get to play the bonus game that you land on. This can for example consist of prizes flashing across the screen where you need to catch one by pressing the stop button. If you are satisfied you’re your winning you can collect it. If you are not you can keep pushing the spin button to play another game. During this game you can receive prizes like money, free spins and much more. If you catch the wrong type of symbol you will however lose.

Some of the bonus games and functions are:

  • Shifta (spin and win) – triggered by a random winning combination.
  • Boost – gives you extra points.
  • Stop fruit (Cash Blaster, Reel Roulette, Pick a Win) – with this feature a winning combination starts blinking and you can stop the blinking and achieve a winning combination.
  • Exclusive bonus games – give you the chance to win the jackpot.

A different way to play

These slots may sound very complicated and honestly they are to a person who has never seen or played them before. That is why it’s important to read up on the game functions and bonuses. Some games can get really confusing as you play if you don’t already know how they work.
There is another kind of AWP slots that are based on regular slots but where you, when you match three symbols on a payline, are rewarded with free spins instead of money. These free spins are then used during the prize game and not in main game.

Microgaming is the leading developer of AWP slots on the market today. Cryptologic have quite a few interesting games in this category as well. These games usually have a bad RTP which is the down side.

AWP in the world

In many countries these kinds of slots can’t be found anywhere. It is a type of slot that many have never seen or even heard of and they can’t be found on online casinos either. If you have never seen or played one of these slots we have hopefully provided you with some guidelines and we want to remind you of the importance to read the instructions regarding the features and bonus games on every slot.

For those who can’t access these slots there is no need to pout. There is always the option to play on regular slots that can be found in landbased and online casino across the world. There are minimalistic slots with classic fruit symbols and few paylines. There are also more advanced slots with the chance to win a progressive jackpot. Today there are more slots to chose from than ever before and the number will most likely keep climbing. Both game creators and casinos are competing for customers and with a tough competitive climate they need to work hard to stay on top, to be the most creative. This, in combination with the evolution of hardware, might lead to more advanced games with new functions that we can’t even imagine today. Maybe the future slots will let the player interact more with the game it self thru VR or other methods.

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